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Social Enterprise Highlights

Agua Kenya

AguaWater is the foundation of development, agriculture, industry and community health. Agua Inc is a revolutionary sustainable water treatment company dedicated to providing clean water to communities around the world. We utilize plant based biotechnology to treat water to international water quality standards without chemicals, less energy than conventional water treatment, at a significantly lower cost. During our projects not only do we implement treatment systems, but empower local communities by offering training in construction and maintenance of the system and technology, as well as utilize local construction materials. Read On>>


BD_KVA The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC) provides holistic, country-driven support to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate and clean energy technologies. The CIC provides incubation, capacity building services and financing to Kenyan entrepreneurs and new ventures that are developing innovative solutions in energy, water and agribusiness to address climate change challenges. The Kenya CIC is an initiative supported by the World Bank’s infoDev and is the first in a global network of CICs being launched by infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP). The Kenya CIC is funded by the United Kingdom’s UKaid.. Read On>>

SDFA- Kenya

Wadongo1SDFA-Kenya seeks out communities that are below the poverty line and have limited access to electricity. Most people in these villages rely on kerosene lanterns as their only source of lighting. Kerosene is both dangerous and expensive. When solar lanterns are used in place of kerosene, families are safer and are able to save money that can be used towards other necessities. What SDFA-Kenya does to help ensure that the saved funds are used to create economic growth is to facilitate the savings of the funds that would otherwise have been spent on kerosene and once.. Read on>>>

Recent Reports

EASEN 2012 Training Calendar


One of the key reasons that there is no meaningful development in Africa is the lack of capacity by beneficiaries to implement sustainable programmes. East Africa Social Enterprise Network (EASEN) values the organizations and their beneficiaries they exist for as engines and classrooms for knowledge dissemination. Through our training arm, we deliver training programmes to develop organizations and its workers. Read on>>

Job Creators Clubs Launched


An off shoot of the Shaggz Connect is the Job Creators’ Clubs. This is where local communities, employees of organizations and even students meet to discuss ways of creating jobs. It involves a change of mind set and focus towards each person being a solution provider....Read on>>

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